Vibrating VTV-P Precast Vibrating Table

Documentation Vibrating Precast Vibrating Table

Application : Removing air pockets, Pouring concrete
Vibration type : Multidirectionnal
Application : Precast Concrete

Vibratory Amplitude : 0.1 to 2 mm
Acceleration: From 1 to 7 G
Vibratory frequency : From 0 to 150 Hz
Power supply : 400 V 50 Hz - 42 V 50 Hz
Max. Dimensions : 4000 X 12.000 Height : From 230 mm to 900 mm
Materials : Steel
Certification IP66 Vibraxtion made in france

Vibrating Precast Vibrating Table: VTV-P

Vibraxtion specifically developed a range of Vibrating Tables for Precast Concrete that is perfect for pouring concrete, but also for removing air pockets from your precast elements.
This way, they are perfectly suitable for vibrating concrete casings, and even concrete molds.

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Vibraxtion développe ses tables vibrantes et vibrateurs en France pour offrir à ses partenaires l'expertise et la solution la plus adaptée à leurs besoins.

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Our Vibrating Precast Vibrating Table can adapt to the load and dimensions of your applications. In this regard, we design vibrating tables of various sizes – up to 4000×12 000 – These tables can come with an electric or pneumatic vibrator, according to your needs and applications.

Our Vibrating Table for Precast Concrete is ideal for all your precast manufactures. Indeed, we make sure to equip them with high frequency vibrators, than can reach a speed of up to 9000 V/min.

Thanks to thorough engineering studies, we are able to design tailor-made vibrating tables that perfectly fit your concrete mix: we make sure, for instance, that the feeding power of our vibrating motors is adapted to your work environment. This way, our vibrating tables can very well be powered by 42 V or 400 V motors, or by compressed air motors. 

Feel free to check our catalog to find out what vibrating table best suits your application.

You can also contact us now to receive more detailed explanations on our vibrating tables.

  • Steel “UPN” or tubular chassis, epoxide paint;

  • Steel tray, 10 mm with double flattening function;

  • Thermal treatment, machine-welded;

  • Available girders with adjustable height upon request;

  • Steel feet, with non-slip coating or steel saddle supports;

  • Unidirectional and multidirectionnal vibrations;

  • Vibrating motors (0-9000 V/min, from 0 to 200 Hz);

  • Load: From 10 kg to over 30 T;

  • Control panel with frequency converter, circuit breaker, potentiometer, warning light…

  • Frequency and tension converter on wheels (42 V – 200 Hz, MFK-P range)

  • Our tables come with the following certificates: ISO 9001, CE (motors) and ATEX (Ex II 3 GD) (motors)

  • Vibrating Tables from the VTV-P range available in their “bare” version – i.e. without a control panel – can easily be integrated to all your industrial plants.

Today, the biggest players of the French precast industry have chosen to trust Vibraxtion when it comes to elaborating concrete parts :

BONNA SABLA: Vibrating table designed to manufacture urban furniture.
SOCAMAC: Vibratory equipments for concrete molds for trough productions.
HOLCIM: Vibrating table designed to manufacture concrete parts.

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    Demande de Devis

    Table Vibrante Préfabrication Béton

    Vibrating Table for Precast Concrete

    Table Vibrante Préfabrication Béton

    Vibrating Tables for Precast Concrete

    Table Vibrante Préfabrication Béton

    Vibrating Table for Precast Concrete

    Table Vibrante Préfabrication Béton

    Vibrating Tables for Precast Concrete