MFK-P Electronic Frequency Converter


Application : Supplies power to all your internal and external high-frequency vibrators
Application : Precast and Construction Concrete

Inupt voltage : 400 V, three-phase
Output voltage: 42 V
Logo de certification IEC IECEx IP66

MFK-P Electronic Frequency Converter


Our Electronic Frequency Converters are adapted to both internal and external 42 V – 200 Hz vibrators.
This way, up to 6 42 V – 200 Hz vibrators can be plugged simultaneously on these converters.
Besides, their robust, tried and tested construction is entirely adapted to building site environments.


The electronic cards of our tension and frequency converters are paired with a permanent magnet, which allows to reduce the input tension. Three-phase tensions (400 V, 3 poles) thus transform into a tension of 42 V, all the while increasing the frequency to 200 Hz. This way, we are able to guarantee that all external electric vibrators can work properly. Furthermore, operators working with low voltage tension equipments can work in a secure environment.




  • Our converters have, above all, a long life expectancy.
  • Moreover, the equipment is lastingly protected thanks to its tubular frame or its cart on wheels.
  • These converters are suitable for a continuous operation.
  • As long as the total power does not exceed the converter’s nominal intensity, multiple converters can be connected simultaneously.
  • Max. output intensity: 220 A
  • Frequency converter Primary voltage: Single-phase 220V – 50Hz or Three-phase 380 V – 50Hz
  • Secondary voltage: 42V – 200 Hz
  • Finally, our Electronic Frequency Converters offer 1 to 6 output outlets.


Feel free to check our catalog to find out what Frequency Converter best suits your needs. You can also contact us now to receive more detailed explanations, or to inquire about brand new devices or a device replacement. Our experts will be happy to help!

Modèle Entrée Sortie Nombre
de sorties
Tension Intensité Tension Intensité Puissance
MFK-P 120 400 V TRI 17 42 V TRI 120 8,8 2 à 4
MFK-P 160 400 V TRI 25 42 V TRI 160 11,6 2 à 6
MFK-P 200 400 V TRI 32 42 V TRI 200 14,5 2 à 8
Modèle A B C D E F Poids
MFK-P 120 500 510 700 645 610 810 100
MFK-P 160 500 510 700 645 610 810 130
MFK-P 200 500 510 700 645 610 810 155