Vibraxtion VT Electric Vibrating Poker

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Application : Compacting and Concrete pouring (air pockets removal)
Adapted to : Air pockets, pouring matter
Top diameter : From 38 mm to 90 mm

Centrifugal force : 150 to 575 Kg
Frequency : 12,000 rpm
Power supply : 42 V - 200 Hz (built-in thermal protection)
Max. Operating temperature : -15°C to 50°C (5 F to 122°F)
Materials : Vulkollan® or Steel Tip
Certification CE IP67

VT Electric Vibrating Poker

Vibraxtion offers a full range of VT Electric Vibrating Pokers. These heavy duty vibrating pokers are perfect for all professionals in the building industry. Besides, the vibrating pokers we produce observe very strict quality and sturdiness standards.

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Vibraxtion développe ses tables vibrantes et vibrateurs en France pour offrir à ses partenaires l'expertise et la solution la plus adaptée à leurs besoins.

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Our dedicated Building and precast team members will be happy to assist you with all your technical inquiries.

In this regard, they can help you find solutions to compact concrete even under the most complex situations.
Furthermore, all our VT Electric Vibrating Pokers comprise 2 m long sheaths. Size can be adjusted upon request.

Moreover, thanks to their unbeatable value of our products, numerous construction companies have already granted us their trust.
Our pokers are indeed ideal for removing air pockets from the most complex precast pieces, as well as for fine-tuning purposes. Thanks to a large range of diameters, your can easily find the right piece to fit all your parts. Besides, whatever the type of poker you choose, we can provide you with protective rubber tips to prevent any damage to your molds.

To learn more on the main features of our VT Vibrating Pokers, please check the technical information below:

  • No overheating,

  • Vibrating tip with high longevity,

  • High reliability

  • Vibrating poker tip protection class: IP 67

  • Complies with standard documents: CEI EN 60745-1

  • Vibrating Pokers with Steel or Vulkollan® Tip

Besides, the whole VT range is adapted to all types of concrete treatments, even for continuous operations. Thanks to their high centrifugal force, constant speed and resistance to wear, they fit in the most demanding environments.

Furthermore, with their highly increased compacting capacity, they can quickly eliminate air pockets without separating the elements composing the mass. The result is a sturdy, durable and homogeneous concrete, free of any cracks or air pockets.

Moreover, the Vibraxtion electric vibrating poker observes the most restrictive norms.
Directive: CE

Feel free to check our catalog to find out what electric vibrating poker best suits your needs. You can also contact us now  to receive more detailed explanations.

Ref Electric Vibrating Pokers: VT0470T/B5 / VT0472T/B5 / VT0474T/B5 / VT0476T/R5 / VT0478T/B5 / VT04780/R5

Modèle Force
Diamètre Démontable Fréquence Amplitude Voltage nominal Cable Taille
de la tige
KG N Ø Vib./min mm V-Hz m mm KG
VT0470T/B5 150 1471 38 Option 12 000 1,3 42 – 230 10 320 9
VT0472T/B5 275 2697 50 Option 12 000 1,5 42 – 230 10 330 14
VT0478T/B5 460 4511 60 Option 12 000 1,8 42 – 230 10 410 17
VT0476T/R5 465 4560 65 Oui 12 000 1,9 42 – 230 10 410 17
VT0474T/B5 470 4609 70 Option 12 000 2 42 – 230 10 410 17
VT04780T/R5 520 5100 80 Oui 12 000 3 42 – 230 10 475 22