Precast and Construction Vibrators

Our Precast and Construction Vibrators are used to compact concrete so as to eliminate air pockets. In this regard, our range features two types of devices: vibrating pokers, which are internal vibrators, and surfacing vibrator, which are high frequency external vibrators

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  1. Precast and Construction Vibrators: How can I find the model most adapted to my application ?

    Our high frequency surfacing vibrators range features over 30 models. Want to acquire or replace equipment? We will be happy to put our knowledge in service of all of your needs!
    As for our vibrating pokers, the range features over 16 models !

    Your choice of Precast and Construction Vibrators depends directly on multiple factors :

    • First, the application type: Compacting and air pockets removal, for an optimized polishing

    • Second, the characteristics of the matter: Humidity rate, density, granulometry

    • Lastly, the characteristics and environment of the device: Type, dimensions, structure of the vibrating tables or molds

    • According to these factors, we will be able to determine what type of Precast and Construction Vibrator best suits you.

    Vibrating poker

    To chose the right vibrating poker, you must make sure that the diameter is compatible with the spacing between the frames. Besides, the other main criteria for choosing a poker are the volume of concrete you want to vibrate, and its granulometry.

    This way, pokers ranging from 25 to 70 mm are usually used for volumes of concrete that do not exceed 10 m3, with the diameter of the biggest granulates measuring less than 25 mm.
    Pokers longer than 70 mm are usually used for volumes of concrete ranging from 10 to 20 m3, with a high granulometry.

    External Vibrators and High Frequency Vibrators

    High frequency vibrators are attached to a casing, and must be heavy and stiff enough to transmit a homogeneous vibration without getting deformed.

    The vibration frequency of high frequency electric vibrators often ranges from 3000 to 9000 vib./min. Pneumatic vibrators can reach higher frequencies, that range from 10.000 to 15.000 vib./min. Consequently, this type of vibrator is ideal for: walls, posts, beams.

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    The Vibraxtion expertise

    Whatever your feasibility study, Vibraxtion is committed to helping you with all your precast and construction vibrators needs and giving you full satisfaction

    • Vibraxtion is above all the preferred partner for integrators in charge of the strictest industrial applications;

    • Besides, Vibraxtion makes it possible for distributors to find Vibraxtion products that will fit the standards set by their customers;

    • And finally, Vibraxtion provides all users with its expertise in precast and construction vibrators to best address their needs;

    Applicable standards and quality

    This is why our Precast Vibrators conform with the most recent IEC and EN laws. Moreover, our Precast and Construction Vibrators observe the most restrictive norms.
    Certifications : ATEX Ex II 3 GD – Ex II 2 GD – CE For potentially explosive environments.

    In this regard, Vibraxtion vibrators are adapted to applications in potentially flammable environments, zones 21 / 22 included.

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    Brands : Vibraxtion , Somai, Visam