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Variable Frequency Visam VFC-VFV Electric Vibrators


Application : Pouring and compacting concrete (air pockets removal)
Adapted to : Quick removal of air pockets, Pouring
Operation : Continuous or intermittent

Centrifugal force: 800 to 4100 Kg
Frequency : 3000 to 6000 rpm (50 - 100 Hz)
Power supply : 42 V - 230 V - 400 V (suitable for tropical conditions)
Max. Operating temperature : -15°C to 40°C (5 F to 104°F)
Fixing : Foot or saddle support
Logo de certification IEC IECEx IP66

VISAM Variable Frequency Electric Vibrators: VFC-VFV
0 – 100 Hz / 0 – 6000 rpm


VISAM VFC-VFV Variable Frequency Electric Vibrators are used in the concrete and precast industry. Their use is particularly relevant should you want to obtain products with the desired density and solidity.

Besides, the  Visam  Variable Frequency Electric Vibrators can come with fixing bolts or saddle supports. This way, vibrators can frequently be shifted from one casing to another, all the while reducing maintenance duration.


Variable Frequency Electric Vibrators are often used on molds and vibrating tables. This allows to compact matter, and to vacuum air pockets so as to obtain an irreproachable polishing. This range of vibrators thus works perfectly under an electronic frequency converter.

Besides, the mechanic and electromagnetic components of our vibrators are made with great care, guaranteeing our users a robustness up to their standards: they will satisfy the most demanding professionals, even in the most demanding applications. Thanks to our great meticulousness, our designs are now renowned throughout the world. They are used worldwide for various applications among the most prominent construction groups in the building industry.

Furthermore, our Variable Frequency Electric a range of vibrators is designed and manufactured in Europe and complies with EU directives (2006/42/CE – 2006/95/CE et 2004/108/CE). They can be made suitable for tropical conditions and comply with the ATEX directive II 3D (Zone 22) ATEX II 2D (Zone 21) on request. And finally, our devices are subject to dynamic tests before leaving the factory to guarantee that they are absolutely fault-free.

Feel free to check our catalog to find out what Fixed High Frequency Electric Vibrator best suits your needs. You can also  contact us now  to receive more detailed explanations. Our experts will be happy to assist you in your sizing process.


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