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  1. Visam Vibrators: Models with up to 12 poles

    Thanks to their made-to-measure products, Visam has become a world benchmark in the mining and quarrying industries.

    • Visam offers, indeed, a range of vibrators specifically adapted to manufacturers of vibrating devices and installations.

    • As a rule and according to the new international directives, all Visam Electric Vibrators comply with the ATEX IEC EN 61241-0 et 61241-1 standards.

    • In this regard, each motor is certified and can be used safely in dusty and potentially flammable environments (Certification ATX II 2 D).

    The Vibraxtion expertise

    Whatever your feasibility study, Vibraxtion is committed to helping you with all your roller vibrator needs and giving you full satisfaction.

    • Vibraxtion is above all the preferred partner for integrators in charge of the strictest industrial applications;

    • Besides, Vibraxtion makes it possible for distributors to find Vibraxtion products that will fit the standards set by their customers;

    • And finally, Vibraxtion provides all users with its expertise in industrial roller vibrators to best address their needs.

    Ref vibrators : SPV – SPEX – SPX

    Brands : Visam