Equipment for Precast

We offer a variety of equipments specifically adapted to your precast applications. These will allow you, for instance, to trowel and unmold parts, or clean tables and molds. Besides, you will find all the voltage and frequency you need for your industrial vibrators and vibrating pokers.

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  1. Equipment for precast: A wide product range

    Trowel – Pneumatic float

    Our pneumatic trowel is specifically designed to optimize the finishing quality of your products. Thanks to these trowels, you can produce the most pristine work! To this extent, all your finishing touches can be executed faster and more easily. Thanks to our gear, make life easier on yourself: produce properly polished pieces, nice and easy!

    Pneumatic Brush for Concrete

    Thanks to the SOMAI pneumatic brush, you can clean thoroughly all your working tools. Use it on tables or at the bottom of your molds to create flawless pieces. These trowels are perfect to produce the most pristine work! Not to mention that they will protect your work tools from wear. Thanks to our gear, make life easier on yourself: produce properly polished pieces, nice and easy!

    Oil Pumps

    Our Stainless Steel Oil Pumps are made to meet the needs of professionals. This is why these Unmolding Oil Pumps are both light and robust. Besides, they also ensure the quality of your parts, as well as the durability of your molds, trays and casings. Feel free to contact us, we hold any spare parts at your disposal!

    Saddle supports

    Thanks to this saddle support system, you can quickly set up pneumatic or electric vibrators on your trays, molds and casings.
    Moreover, the contact between the vibrator and the structure you want to vibrate is optimal.

    Electronic Frequency Converter

    Our Electronic Frequency Converters are adapted to both internal and external 42 V – 200 Hz vibrators.
    This way, up to x6 42 V – 200 Hz vibrators can be work simultaneously on these converters.
    Besides, their robust, tried and tested construction is entirely adapted to building site environments.

    CEE 42V 32A Outlets

    Our CEE 42V 32A Outlets for pokers and vibrators are specifically designed for professionals in the concrete industry, thus meeting its most restrictive standards:
    they are adapted to workers who work, for instance, in difficult environments.

    The Vibraxtion expertise

    Whatever your feasibility study, Vibraxtion is committed to helping you and giving you full satisfaction for all your projects involving precast.

    • Vibraxtion is above all the preferred partner for integrators in charge of the strictest industrial applications;

    • Besides, Vibraxtion makes it possible for distributors to find Vibraxtion products that will fit the standards set by their customers;

    • And finally, Vibraxtion provides all users with its expertise in industrial vibrators to best address their needs.

    Applicable standards and quality

    All of our equipment conforms with the most recent IEC and EN laws. Moreover, our industrial vibrators observe the most restrictive norms.
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