FP450 Somai Pneumatic Trowel


Application : Smotthen your prefabricated parts to get a perfect polishing
Domains : Precast and Construction Concrete

Power supply : 6 BAR
Nominal Air Consumption : 600 L/min
Motor: : MO40 Speed: 225 rpm
Logo de certification CE

Pneumatic Trowel – Somai – Range: FP450

Our Somai Pneumatic Trowel is specifically designed to optimize the finishing quality of your products. These trowels are perfect to produce the most pristine work! To this extent, all your finishing touches can be executed faster and more easily. Thanks to our gear, make life easier on yourself: produce properly polished pieces, nice and easy!

Besides, their robust, tried and tested construction is entirely adapted to building site environments.
Using a trowel can increase your productivity and enhance the quality of your production.
Besides, thanks to its adaptable polishing disk (grain texture), our trowel is suitable for all types of concretes.
This is why the Somai pneumatic trowel is an essential tool to all companies specialized in the precast industry.
Besides, we hold any trowel spare parts at our clients’ disposal.



  • Our Pneumatic Trowels have, above all, a long life expectancy.
  • What is more, their pth paint coating protects equipments on the long run.
  • Moreover, thanks to their compressed air system, their use is perfectly safe.
  • Thanks to the variety of available polishing disks, this trowel can be used on all kinds of concrete.
  • Maximal noise reduction (75 dB)
  • Max. Air Consumption (600L/min)
  • Besides, we hold any spare parts at our clients’ disposal.

Feel free to check our catalog to find out what Pneumatic Trowel best suits your needs. You can also contact us now to receive more detailed explanations, or to inquire about brand new devices or a device replacement. Our experts will be happy to help!

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Modèle Fréquence Conso. Air
RPM l/min
FP 450 M 225 600
FP 450 P 225 600

Modèle Compatibilité Diamètre Couleur Numéro
BRIDE METAL FF 115 mm Acier 1
DISQUE PPP Bride Aluminium 450 mm Beige 3
DISQUE PVC Bride Aluminium 450 mm Gris 4
DISQUE PTB Bride Aluminium 450 mm Métal 5
DISQUE PA6 Bride Aluminium 450 mm Transparent 6
DISQUE PLD Bride Aluminium 450 mm Blanc 7
DISQUE PBD Bride Aluminium 450 mm Blanc 8
DISQUE METAL Bride métal 500 mm Acier 9