Cradle Lug Bracket for External Vibrators


Application : Allows to fix your external or internal electric and pneumatic vibrators
Domains : Precast and Construction Concrete

Fixing type : Saddle support
Materials : Cast steel
Logo de certification CE

Cradle Lug Bracket for External Vibrators – Type: M17 and M23


Thanks to this Cradle Lug Bracket, you can quickly set up pneumatic or electric vibrators on your trays, molds and casings.
Moreover, the contact between the vibrator and the structure to vibrate is optimal. Indeed, thanks to their shape, these Cradle Lug Brackets guarantee a perfect vibratory transmission.
Besides, Cradle Lug Brackets for external vibrators offer great flexibility, in so far as they can be mounted on any type of motor in only a few seconds. In other words, they are an essential tool for all professionals in the building and precast industries.


Our Cradle Lug Brackets are made of high quality steel, and are thus adapted to the most demanding operating conditions.
Quality requirements are indeed one of our main concerns, and it is thanks to our meticulous attention to detail that our Cradle Lug Brackets have become a reference in the precast industry.
This is why, today, the biggest players of the French precast industry have chosen to trust Vibraxtion for all their needs in motors fixings.




  • Our Cradle Lug Brackets have, above all, a long life expectancy.
  • They are quickly set-up or removed from your motors.
  • They also guarantee the safe operation of your vibrating motors.
  • They can be set up on any type of medium.


Feel free to check our catalog to find out what type of Cradle Lug Bracket for External Vibrators best suits your needs. You can also contact us now to receive more detailed explanations, or to inquire about brand new devices or a device replacement. Our experts will be happy to help!



Modèle A B C D E
M17 140 60 180 140 105
140 60 180 140 105
140 60 180 140 105
M23 190 65 238 172 100
190 65 238 172 100
190 65 238 172 100
190 65 238 172 100