Diabolo Silentbloc, Rubber Vibration Insulators


Compression max. load : From 40 kg to 1800 kg
Shearing max. load : From 2 kg to 320 kg

Spring height : 4 to 19 mm
Fixing : “Male/Male” - “Male/Female” - “Female/Female”
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Diabolo Silentbloc, Rubber Vibration Insulators


Our Diabolo Silentblocs are made from supple materials that ensure the vibratory isolation of industrial devices to reduce noise nuisance.
Diabolo Silentbloc can absorb the shocks and vibrations that occur between mechanical elements and their supporting structure. Thanks to these Silentblocs, the structure suffers fewer distortions and thus lasts longer.



Diabolo Silentblocs Vibration Insulators are suitable for shearing, compressing, or for both applications combined (Not suitable for hauling ). This way, they offer a protection from the most severe vibrations, shocks and noises. For maximal reliability, male poles are equipped with two parallel frameworks that adhere to the rubber part of the Diabolo.


Besides, Diabolo Silentblocs have unique mechanical characteristics: Thanks to their conical shape, they retain more suppleness than traditional Silentblocs models.
With their flexibility and large spring height, Diabolo Silentblocs are perfectly adapted to vibratory devices.
In other words, Diabolo Silentblocs are less suitable for insulating horizontal vibrations: because the insulators’ body is hollow, they cannot hold up an important horizontal load or acceleration.


Our insulators have unique mechanical features! The “hollow-body” manufacturing method allows to get particularly large spring heights.
This way, this silentblock range can be used on vibrating devices of moderate amplitude.

Our silentblocs will be a perfect fit to all your application systems: our insulators are 100% European-made with top-quality materials, which makes them a benchmark in the industrial sector.


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