Hopper and Silo Unclogging: Motor Sizing Tool

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    1. Differences between electric and pneumatic vibrators

      Anti-bridging a hopper facilitates the mechanical extraction of powdered materials stored in silos. The product is extracted directly at the foot of the silo. The mass is then broken up, using vibrations or by injecting air.

      You are free to choose from numerous technologies, from two main power supply modes : electric or pneumatic.

      Hopper and Silo Unclogging with electric vibrators

      • Thrust can be adjusted by shifting the eccentric weights.

      • Tension : Single-phase 220V – 50Hz / Three-phase 220V or 380 V – 50Hz;

      • intermittent vibration possible by adding a control card.

      The intermittent vibration mode can be set up by switching the vibrator on and off successively. After the power is interrupted, the reduction it induces forces the vibrator to match the resonant frequency of the hopper, thus prompting the collapse of the lumps.

      Hopper and Silo Unclogging with pneumatic vibrators

      Pneumatic vibrators meet specific characteristics.

      • Not only can they be set up in any position,

      • particularily recommended in hazardous atmospheres (explosive, gaseous or dusty).

      Pneumatic vibrators can be used to uncaulk dumpster scales, silos, and hoppers of any capacity.

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