Anti-bridging powdered materials from hoppers

Anti-bridging a hopper facilitates the mechanical extraction of powdered materials stored in silos. The product is extracted directly at the foot of the silo. The mass is then broken up, using vibrations or by injecting air.

Antibridgers are particularly adapted to the extraction of materials such as quicklime, slacked lime, activated carbon, but also flours, cocoa powder, salt, sugar, plaster, kaolin, carbonate, silica, etc.

Unclogging and anti-bridging Vibrating hoppers

Powdered materials and products stored in silos or hoppers often tend to aggregate, and form bridges or “hourglass-like” conglomerates that :

  • reduce the storage capacity;
  • induce severe irregularities in the flow of matter at the outlet tube of the hopper, which may even lead to a complete interruption of the flow.

Using an unclogging device – such as a vibrating hopper – guarantees a very quick amortization :

  • the device will be used at 100% of its capacity;
  • you will not be subject to production downtimes anymore.

This is why VIBRAXTION recommends falling back on unclogging through external vibrations, thanks to a vibrating hopper system. We offer a wide range of linear or rotating, electric or pneumatic vibrators, which will allow you to unclog all your hoppers and metallic silos of small, medium or large capacity.

Anti-bridging hoppers with electric vibrators Anti-bridging matter from hoppers

  • Thrust can be adjusted by shifting the eccentric weights.
  • Tension : Single-phase 220V – 50Hz / Three-phase 220V or 380 V – 50Hz;
  • intermittent vibration possible by adding a control card.

The intermittent vibration mode can be set up by switching the vibrator on and off successively. After the power is interrupted, the reduction it induces forces the vibrator to match the resonant frequency of the hopper, thus prompting the collapse of the lumps.

Anti-bridging Hoppers with Pneumatic Vibrators Anti-bridging matter from hoppers

Pneumatic vibrators meet specific characteristics. Not only can they be set up in any position,
but their use is also particularly recommended in hazardous atmospheres (explosive, gaseous or dusty).
Pneumatic vibrators can be used to uncaulk dumpster scales, silos, and hoppers of any capacity.

Need to know what vibrating device would be best for your hoppers?
Feel free to contact us! Our experts will be happy to help you find the device that suits your applications as soon as practicable.

Hopper and Silo Unclogging Motor Sizing Tool

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Hopper and Silo Unclogging: Motor Sizing Tool

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