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Findeva FKL Pneumatic Knocker SI


Application : Hopper unclogging and anti-bridging Breaking pyramidal-shaped conglomerates in hoppers
Matter : Dry or humid - Low to high density - Thin to dense Granulometry
Adapted to : Accumulation of matter caused by a heat exchange between the environment and the storage units; Creation of matter sediments in humid areas/moist matter
Application sectors : Agri-food, Buildings and construction works, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical, Machines and installations

Centrifugal force : From 0.5 to 20 kg (adjustable Air pressure)
Frequency : Max 57 hits per minute (intermittent operation)
Power supply : Air compression, 7.5 BAR, filtered, No lubrication
Max. Operating temperature : -20°C to +100°C (-4 F to 212°F)
Materials : Extruded aluminum alloy body
Logo de certification Atex FDA IP67

Findeva FKL Pneumatic Knocker SI

The Findeva FKL single impact Pneumatic Knocker SI line currently features over 4 models. Want to acquire or replace equipment? We will be happy to put our knowledge in service of all of your needs!

Contact us today to receive technical advice on your current projects. Our Findeva FKL Pneumatic Knockers SI are in stock and ready to be shipped upon request.

To this day, pneumatic knockers offer a simple and efficient solution to break-up matter that agglomerates on the inside of your hoppers, thanks to their single impact blows.

Generally speaking, the Findeva FKL Knocker SI fits the needs of the following industries:

  • Agri-food

  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical

  • Machines and installations

This Impact Vibrator from the FKL Knocker SI series has a maximum strike force of 20 kgf (0.2 kN). Findeva FKL Pneumatic Knockers SI combine multiple assets:

  • Instant ON/OFF power supply

  • No lubrication needed and FDA compliant

  • Made to work under high temperatures for specific models

  • Compact, light and robust

  • Number of hits per minute constantly adjustable though pressure adjustment

This is why those Findeva FKL pneumatic Knockers SI are ideal to detach bulk solids in the agri-food, chemistry and pharmaceutical industries.

The long interval between each impact – combined with the initial blow – allows the vibration to propagate inside to make the flow directed towards the desired area more fluid.
Besides, this Findeva FKL SI impact vibrator is in compliance with the FDA directives, in so far that it does not need any lubrication.

To top it up, as a guarantee of quality, our products are 100% manufactured in the EU.

Applicable standards and quality

This is why our vibrating impact vibrators conform with the most recent international and European Standards (EN) laws.
Moreover, the Findeva Pneumatic Knocker observes the most restrictive norms.
Directive: CE – Atex – Ex II 3 D T5 – FDA.

In this regard, Findeva pneumatic knockers are adapted to applications in potentially flammable environments, zones 22 included. Check out our catalog now to find out what Findeva FKL Pneumatic Knocker SI best fits your needs.

To this day, Findeva vibrating motors have become a world benchmark among industrialists thanks to their attractive prices and industrial quality.

The Vibraxtion expertise

Whatever your feasibility study is, Vibraxtion is committed to helping you and giving you full satisfaction.

  • Vibraxtion is above all the preferred partner for integrators in charge of the strictest industrial applications.

  • Besides, Vibraxtion makes it possible for distributors to find Vibraxtion products that will fit the standards set by their customers.

  • And finally, Vibraxtion provides all users with its expertise in industrial vibrators to best address their needs.

Contact our experts now to find out what vibrating motor best suits your application and your needs in industrial equipments.

Ref Findeva FKL Pneumatic Knocker: FKL 50 SI – FKL 100 SI – FKL 150 SI – FKL 200 SI

Modèle Pression Force d’impact Impulsion Conso.air Poids
FKL 50 SI 2 – 7 5 – 15 1 – 3,5 0,1 – 0,3 1,85
FKL 100 SI 3,5 – 7,5 10 – 50 1 – 10,5 0,5 – 1,1 4,5
FKL 150 SI 4,5 – 7,5 50 – 110 1 – 28,5 1,2 – 1,7 9,5
FKL 200 SI 4,2 – 7,5 100 – 200 1 – 57,5 2,2 – 3,3 14,8