Vibramotors Vibrators : Brand distributed by Vibraxtion

Vibramotors, the only manufacturer of electric micro vibrators in stainless steel body

Vibramotors is the result of a long internal development of our French company Vibraxtion in order to meet the requirements of our customers and industrial partners:

3 Reasons to choose Vibramotors

The Vibramotors vibrators range

  • Electric Micro Vibrators steel or stainless steel body

    This range of electric vibrator is probably the most relevant for small vibrating applications. Indeed, thanks to their small sizes, the AMV & AMVSS Vibramotors Electric Micro Vibrators fit easily into your extremely compact applications.

    • AMVSS Stainless Steel Micro Vibrators are the only micro-vibrators with casings and external components made of 316L stainless steel on the entire market. They are the result of in-house development to meet the demand for food, pharmaceutical or corrosive environment applications.
    • AMV Micro Vibrators offer an alternative to pneumatic vibrators for all your problems with bridges and chimneys in small hoppers.
  • Electric Industrial Vibrators

    • Our MV Electric Vibrators can be used for all kinds of vibrating equipment in all industrial fields. Indeed, they provide compaction, fluidification, flow assistance, guidance or transport.
  • Pneumatic Rotative Vibrators

    Rotary vibrators generate vibrations with reduced amplitude and high frequency.

  • Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

    • PVL Linear Pneumatic Vibrators offer an easy-to-implement and effective solution for material conveying and dosing. Their piston floats freely between two air cushions to generate a unidirectional vibration. Their fineness of adjustment and their ease of assembly allow easy integration into your installations..
  • Pneumatic Impact Vibrator

    • Pneumatic Impact Vibrator PVP offer an easy-to-implement and effective solution for detaching by hammering the materials causing deposits on your hopper walls, particularly in wet areas. Continuous high-frequency striking makes it possible to obtain the effect of a “mallet blow” combined with a vibratory frequency specifically adapted to the type of difficult materials.
  • Multi-Center-to-Center Stiffeners for Pneumatic Vibrators

Other Vibraxtion products and accessories

Vibraxtion Logo SquareVibraxtion also offers its clients and industrial distributors a wide and complete selection of Equipment for precast, Elastic insulating materials and Air fluidizers.

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