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Tuxel offers electromagnetic vibrating feeders tailored for professionals of the agri-food, chemical and pharmacological industries.

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A Constant Oscillation Amplitude

To this day, Tuxel has become a world benchmark for the dosage of problematic and potentially dangerous products.

  • Thanks to their instant start-up/shutdown function, Tuxel feeders can dose out bulk materials either continuously or instantly.

  • The Tuxel Electric Vibrators are designed to observe the highest performance, even under the most demanding applications.

  • Besides, their IP 67 (LEX) waterproof system, 100 % Stainless Steel parts and FDA coating comply with the latest requirements of your industry sector.

Tuxel Dosage Electromagnetic Vibrator

  • Tuxel Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders

    • Our “LEV / LEX” Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders are perfectly adapted to the complex factors relative to your conveyed products, such as their type or behavior.

      Systematically combined to high-order controls (R3F-CV6-CV10), the device can guarantees a constant oscillation amplitude, from any type of feeding power.
      (220V-380V – 110V – 440V – 400 V).

      Besides, “LEV / LEX” vibratory feeders do not require any specific maintenance. Additionally, they come with rubber cones, that are essential to a good vibratory isolation.


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