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Thanks to its great precision and flawless quality, the Swiss company Findeva offers the most renowned range of pneumatic vibrators on the market.

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Findeva, The Pioneers of Pneumatic Technology

Findeva offers the most famous range of pneumatic vibrators on the market to fit the needs of machinery manufacturers and vibratory set-ups.

  • Findeva pneumatic vibrators are designed to observe the highest performance, even under the most demanding applications.

  • As a rule and according to the new international directives, all Findeva electric vibrators comply with the ATEX IEC EN 61241-0 et 61241-1 directives.

  • In this regard, each motor is certified and can be used safely in dusty and potentially flammable environments (ATX II 2 D Certification).

The Findeva Vibrators range

  • Findeva Rotative Pneumatic Vibrators

    Rotative vibrators generate high-frequency, reduced-amplitude vibrations.

    • The vibrations of the “K” Ball Vibrators « K » are produced by a ball. The latter is guided by hard steel roller tracks.
    • The vibrations of the“DAR” Ball Vibrators are produced by a precision roller. The latter is guided by very elastic steel roller tracks.
    • The vibrations of the“GT” Turbine Vibrators are produced by a turbine. The latter is equipped with extremely quiet roller bearings.
  • Findeva Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

    • “FP” Pneumatic Vibrators are equipped with pistons that produce linear vibrations. Making adjustments to reach the desired amplitude and frequency is incredibly easy, and the combinations are nearly infinite.
    • “FAL” Pneumatic Vibrators are equipped with pistons that produce linear vibrations. As they do not require any oil, they are adapted to the foodstuff and pharmacy industries (FDA compliant).
  • Findeva Pneumatic Knockers

    Knockers are used for hammering matter deposits off from the inside of containers.
    Their piston, driven by the force of compressed air, is pressed against a spring.

    • “FKL-si” Knockers are recommended for powerful impacts and low operating pressure. Through a quick purge, the piston is projected against a surface. In the case of the FKL range, this surface acts as a strike area that is directly attached to the device.
    • “FKL-mi” Knockers allow to adjust the strike force through automated control. Besides, the repetition interval can also be adjusted thanks to its limiter.

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