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Eurovibra is known worldwide in the pneumatic sector for its eccentric weighted turbines, which have the widest vibratory amplitude on the market.

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Maximal Vibratory Amplitude

To this day, with over 20 years of expertise, Eurobivra has the most advanced conception techniques in the vibration industry..

  • This is why Eurovibra offers a range of high amplitude and frequency pneumatic industrial vibrators.

  • As a rule and according to the new international directives, all Eurovibra electric vibrators comply with the ATEX IEC EN 61241-0 et 61241-1.

  • In this regard, each motor is certified and can be used safely in dusty and potentially flammable environments (ATX II 3 D T5 Certification).

The Eurovibra Vibrators range

  • Eurovibra Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator

    • “VT” Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators are made up of a riddled aluminum turbine embedded with lead eccentric weights. This system is designed to generate a run-out. The specific profile of the shovel-shaped turbine produces high frequencies, as well as high amplitude oscillations.
  • Eurovibra Pneumatic Ball Vibrator

    • “VK” Pneumatic Vibrators are rotative vibrators that generate non directional circular vibrations, mainly at a high frequency and a low amplitude.
  • Eurovibra Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

    • “AC” Pneumatic Vibrators are light, silent, compact pneumatic vibrators equipped with pistons. This linear vibrator produces sinusoidal vibrations. They are emitted by a piston that floats freely between two air cushions. Thanks to this technical feature, these vibrators are among the most silent models on the market.

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