Vibraxtion offers its clients and industrial distributors the complete selection of Vibramotors products in France, at the best rates.

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  1. Vibramotors, the only manufacturer of electric micro vibrators in stainless steel body

    Vibramotors is the result of a long internal development of our French company Vibraxtion in order to meet the requirements of our customers and industrial partners:

    Combined expertise in special machines and motorization

    The Vibramotors motors have been developed in order to integrate perfectly with our realizations of special machines and our vibrating tables.
    We are thus able to provide you with equipment entirely produced by us for a perfectly controlled integration.

    This global expertise in vibrating application is the assurance of full satisfaction for all your projects.

    Ref vibrators : AMV – AMVSS – MV – PVK – PVR – PVT – PVL– PVP

    Brands : Vibramotors