Industrial vibrators brands distributed by Vibraxtion

Logo Vibraxtion Vibe Square

Vibraxtion's french headquarters design and build vibrating tables and industrial vibrators to grant their partners the expertise and solutions that best suit their needs.

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Eurovibra Logo square

Eurovibra is known worldwide in the pneumatic sector for its eccentric weighted turbines, which have the widest vibratory amplitude on the market.

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Tuxel Logo square

Tuxel offers electromagnetic vibrating feeders tailored for professionals of the agri-food, chemical and pharmacological industries.

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Somai Logo square

Somai is a company that specializes in the production of industrial vibrators and accessories destined for the building industry and precast concrete.

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findeva Logo square

Thanks to its great precision and flawless quality, the Swiss company Findeva offers the most renowned range of pneumatic vibrators on the market.

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Eurovibra Logo square

Italvibras vibrating motors offer the widest range of electric vibrators on the market for machinery manufacturers.

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Logo Marque Visam

Visam offers a vibrator range specifically adapted to vibratory installations in the mining and quarrying sectors.

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Oli Logo square

OLI is a subsidiary of WAMGROUP, world leader in terms of development and production of equipment for the bulk handling sectors.

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